Pediatric ENT

Ear, nose, and throat conditions are common at any age. Pediatric ENT is a branch of medicine that focuses on these types of illnesses in children, where the symptoms can often be more severe or recur more frequently. Otolaryngology Associates has a team of experienced pediatric ENT specialists ready to treat children with ear complications.

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What is Pediatric ENT care?

A pediatric ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor, or pediatric otolaryngologist, is extensively trained to manage ear, nose, and throat disorders, specifically in children. They treat the larynx (or voice box), the upper pharynx (mouth and throat), the sinuses, and the oral cavity, and may also treat other related structures in the neck and face.

It is common for children to feel anxious at the doctor's office. Our practice is committed to creating a welcoming environment that puts children at ease. 

What throat and neck conditions are treated by a pediatric ENT?

Throat and neck issues can lead to breathing problems which can impact daily life and health. If you notice any changes in your child's health, bring them in to see the team at Otolaryngology Associates.

Pediatric ENT doctors diagnose and treat a range of throat and neck conditions, including the following:

  • Inflamed adenoids and tonsils

    Adenoids and tonsils often cause issues like airway obstruction, sore throat, or strep throat.

  • Noisy breathing

    Unusually loud breathing can occur as a result of throat infection, injury, vocal cord anomaly, or abnormal growth.

  • Sleep apnea

    Obstructive sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that causes your breathing to stop and start. This can disrupt sleep, producing fatigue and other symptoms associated with a lack of quality sleep.

  • Congenital neck mass

    Congenital neck mass is any abnormal lump or cyst on a child's neck.

What ear and hearing conditions are treated by a Pediatric ENT?

Ear and hearing disorders are common in children. Our Otolaryngology Associates team treats conditions such as:
  • Pediatric hearing loss

    Hearing loss can be caused by a range of factors including an underlying medical condition, exposure to loud noise, or a congenital defect — a condition present at birth. If hearing loss is significant, your child's doctor may recommend hearing aids or a cochlear implantation.

  • Ear infection

    An ear infection is one of the most common childhood illnesses. The team provides expert diagnosis and treatment to help your child recover as soon as possible

  • Cholesteatoma

    Cholesteatoma happens when skin becomes trapped in the middle ear. It can cause infection, hearing loss, balance loss, and facial weakness.

Our team aims to identify, diagnose, and treat these conditions early on to prevent further problems from occurring. Early intervention is key for transforming health.

What nose and sinus conditions are treated by a pediatric ENT treat?

Nose and sinus conditions are often seasonal. The pediatric ENT team at Otolaryngology Associates treats these types of health conditions, including:
  • Sinus issues

    Sinuses often become inflamed and infected. Sinusitis, commonly known as a sinus infection, occurs when the sinus cavities become filled with fluid. This produces the symptoms we associate with a sinus infection (pain, pressure, congestion, etc.).

  • Allergies

    Allergies are one of the most prevalent health issues people navigate. An allergic reaction occurs when the body’s immune system responds to a foreign substance (an allergen) that is typically harmless. Common allergens include grass, dust, pet dander, and trees. Common allergy symptoms include a running nose, itchy/watery eyes, and congestion.

  • Nosebleeds

    A nosebleed is usually harmless and is typically caused by dry air. Other causes include allergies or the common cold which can irritate the lining of the nose. Nosebleeds are most common in children between the ages of 3-10. If nosebleeds are experienced frequently, it is important to have your child checked out.

Quick diagnosis and treatment from a pediatric ENT doctor can prevent ENT disorders from becoming serious. Early intervention and addressing symptoms effectively can transform overall health and wellness. Our practice is committed to providing expert care that diagnoses and treats underlying health concerns. Call us at Otolaryngology Associates today, or schedule an appointment online. 

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