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We specialize in nearly anything from the neck up. We treat a variety of conditions of the nose and sinuses including:

Whisper Hearing Centers

Whisper Hearing Centers is a division of Otolaryngology Associates, and provides full service evaluation of hearing loss, and the prescription, fitting and maintenance of a variety of the best hearing aids on the market today.

Throat & Neck

Our otolaryngologists are trained to handle problems of the entire head and neck area, including trauma, tumors, infections, lesions, congenital abnormalities and the aging process.

Nose & Sinuses

Typically, we treat problems such as hoarseness, hearing loss, vertigo, nosebleeds and sinusitis.

Cosmetic & Re-Constructive Surgery

We specialize in surgical procedures of the head, face, and neck.  Including cosmetic and re-constructive surgery.

Our Physicians

Otolaryngology Associates currently staffs 22 physicians, who see and treat patients from 15 full-service medical offices throughout central Indiana.

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